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Swedish Town Legalizes Going Topless at Public Pools


Not only are Swedish women among the hottest in the world, but now that country's third-largest city lets them go topless at public swimming pools. The city of Malmo recently passed the ordinance after a feminist group started showing up at local pools without a top. Now that's my kind of feminist group!

The Malmo city council's new rule only requires everyone to wear a bathing suit, but does not specify that a top needs to be worn. A spokesman for the council was quoted in a local paper as saying: ?We don?t define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn?t make much sense to do it for women. And besides, it?s not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women?s breasts.?

So guys, it might be time to book your next trip to Malmo. There's still a few weeks of summer left and the ladies will be at the pool!

[via The Inquisitr]

The sad thing though, is that

The sad thing though, is that those feminists, happen to be mostly 50 year old ladies and some 30 year old typical feminists, you know those who look like horses?

God have mercy upon us Swedish men.

[...] Swedish Town Legalizes

[...] Swedish Town Legalizes Going Topless at Public Pools (Just a Guy Thing) [...]

This is a sad day for

This is a sad day for Mankind. Women are becoming more difficult to control. A man could always rely on one hungry stare at a woman's boobs to deflate her self confidence and make meek and submissive. Now swedish women sticking their tits into heaven like the Olympic glove fist salute of the Black Panthers and demanding demanding power from God and men.

I hope these strong female people stay in Sweden and do not contaminate the rest of the world's women like those aggresive killer bees! The last thing mankind needs is self-confident bare-breasted Swedenized-women! I want an asprin.....

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