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Some Stores Are Deciding What You Should Wear. And That's Not A Bad Thing.

It's always been easy and intuitive to subscribe to the notion that "The one thing everyone loves is a choice." Having an option is always seen as better than not having an option. And while that's largely true, there are a number of instances that fly right in the face of that logic. For instance, at the Cheesecake Factory. Ordering from their 220-page (an estimate) menu has always added about 70% to my stress level. Plus, when companies offer up a million different possibilities, the likelihood that the amount of effort fell in their selection and manufacturing goes way up. 

1015 browncuff.jpeg

Clothing is yet another area where too many choices offers up more problems than solutions. If you sell hockey jerseys and tuxedos, there's a decent chance some moron is going to try to wear them together. Consequently, we're seeing a rise in a number of stores that offer up a selection of items that are selected to go well together. In these instances, the buyer can do no wrong. Or, at least, a lot less wrong. 

One such favorite store of ours is Amedeo, which tailors its offering to take the guesswork out of shopping. Their wares all fit a certain aesthetic, meaning that you can mix and match without looking like a guy who just pilfered a Goodwill store. The simplicty of the offering not only lends itself to matching, but also allows men of different tastes to shop without beeling too far out of their element. I mean, who is going to object to a single-color dress shirt? 

1016 ame1985tbk_1_3.jpeg

So if you get sweaty palms when you're online shopping, take heed. Online stores like Amedeo offer fewer choices. And that's a good thing. 

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