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Starbucks Adds Booze to Menu


Do you need a glass of wine to go with your morning latte? Well, in addition to being an alcoholic, you'll soon be able to find both at your local Starbucks. Assuming your local Starbucks happens to be the one store in Seattle that's testing the addition of booze to the coffeehouse's menu.

Starbucks' alcohol experiment starts this week with a new store called "15th Ave. Coffee and Tea inspired by Starbucks." The test store will sell six kinds of beer and wine at prices ranging from $4 to $7. The pilot project launches in Starbucks' hometown of Seattle and, if successful, will rollout to other locations around the country.

Starbucks has recently suffered a mix of closed stores, layoffs, and declining same-store sales as people think twice about needing that daily Macchiato. Starbucks is hoping the addition of booze to its menu will help turn things around.

What do you think - would you order a wine or beer at a Starbucks if it was available?

photo credit: visualpanic

[...] Irish Coffee Anyone?

[...] Irish Coffee Anyone? Starbucks Adds Booze to Menu [...]

Most of the reviews I've

Most of the reviews I've heard from fellow Seattleites are negative. The store redesign feels like deception.

As for me personally...if they burn their coffee, I'd be afraid to try their alcohol.

I would put the BOOZE in my

I would put the BOOZE in my StarBucks Coffee that would be good.

It’s exhausting to seek out

It’s exhausting to seek out knowledgeable people on this matter, but you sound like you recognize what you’re speaking about! Thanks
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