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Yet Another Wrinkle in the NFL Lockout Saga: Alimony and Child Support

As we all know, athletes LOVE to have kids out of wedlock. Or in wedlock with wives they later divorce. Basically, athletes love to have kids. Because the romantic relationships with their baby mamas don't always work out, alimony and child support amount to piles of money for athletes in any sport. 

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The world keeps on spinnin' for athletes in other sports, but not so much for those in the NFL who are looking down the barrel of a lockout that would dramatically affect their earnings starting in the fall. By "dramatically affect," I mean that they could go down to zero. The math is simple. Alimony and child support are calculated based on what the players make. If the players make nothing, then the players could petition to get their payments lowered, keeping their kids out of Jordans and their ex-wives out of Manolos. So while you're concerned about how you're going to lose income from all your NFL Betting, families out there will be going poor(er). 

It may not seem like big potatoes, but take for instance Antonio Cromartie, the Jets defensive back who has nine(!) kids from eight women (way to spread the love, Antonio!), who could be saving hundreds of thousands if the entire season gets scrapped. While there won't be too many tears shed for the players themselves, there is lots of talk about what happens to local economies, stadium and team employees, and the like, we might as well add the players' kids to the list, many of them don't receive much more from their dads than what the courts entitle them to. 

What I'm getting at is this: PLEASE dont't go through with the lockout, guys! Not only will I not be able to watch football on Sundays, but I will spend my downtime thinking about these little rugrats that can't afford the new Reebok Pump throwbacks, instead having to settle for meager $100 Nikes, all because dad is on furlough. 

Do it for the kids. And their fashionable moms. 

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