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Vince Young Went Broke Spending $5,000 Per Week At Cheesecake Factory

Do you know how much food you get for $5,000 at Cheesecake Factory? Like...ALL the food!

Vince Young, whose career has been plagued with injury, mental illness, legal trouble, and just general athletic disappointment, has got another battle to fight now: bankruptcy. Of course, it happens so often that asking rhetorically "How does someone who made $26 million go broke?" is a cliche. 

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But how DOES someone who makes that much money go broke? 

In extremely weird fashion, apparently. The former Titans quarterback is reputed to have spent up to $5,000 per week at the Nashville Cheesecake Factory. Which, unless it's a LOT more expensive than other Cheesecake Factories, is an impressive feat unto itself. This is so embarassing that it almost undoes his amazing Rose Bowl performance against USC for the national championship in 2006. 

Do you know how many chicken littles and southwestern eggrolls that is? Again, like...ALL of them. 

Not to be pigeonholed as a blue blood by the upscale fare offered at Cheesecake Factory, he also managed to rack up a $6,000 tab at TGI Fridays, which is truly, truly mindboggling. Their burgers are like $8. Did he buy 600 of them or something? This USA Today piece outlines the bizarre spending habits. Other ones listed (including tipping a kid $200 to carry his luggage and tossing back $600 shots of Louis XIII after games) seem downright pedestrian after the chain restaurant expenditures. 


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