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Everybody's Learning How: Surfing the Largest Wave In History

No time for clever intros: 

Garret McNamara just broke the world record by successfully surfing a 90-foot wave, not only without dying, but without falling. Not only did he beat the previous record (77 feet), set by Mike Parsons in 2008, but he smashed it. 

For those not in the know (and I consider myself in this group, despite some cursory research), one doesn't simply padle to the top of a 90-foot wave. One must be towed to the top of it with some sort of motorized device, normally a jet ski. Consequently, the board must have straps for your feet, which assist not only with the towing, but staying rightside-up as you try to negotiate lots and lots of falling water all around you. 

You're probably wondering where in Australia or Hawaii someone goes to surf a wave this size. The answer, of course, is Portugal. They go to Praia de Norte, off the coast of Nazare, Portugal. The deepwater canyons that run near the coast offer up some truly spectacular waves, as the video can attest. 

So, if you're inclined to break this record, get a board with some straps, a buddy to tow you, then make your way to Portugal. Also, make sure you get rid of all your fear. 

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