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Spandex Rock God & Liquid Lace Video

White disco spandex guy and black twins take their love of milk to a whole new level in this hilarious music video.

This week SoCal disco rockers White Gold have spilled out their hilarious new single and video One Gallon Axe - from their majestic, dairy-obsessed 7th album, "The Best I Can Give is 2%." With more theatrics than High School Musical and more hair product than prom night, White Gold riffs and shreds his teeth-whitening, calcium-rich axe in this off the wall tribute to milk's creamy goodness. You can find the album on iTunes, but check your local cafeterias and supermarket aisles for tour dates.

"I'm pretty sure there's more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking."

Zoolander was right, there's also ROCK & ROLL! Check out this hilarious new video, One Gallon Axe, that combines the hilarious glam rock of White Gold and teeth-whitening, body-toning goodness of milk. With more shiny spandex than an American Apparel store and more long,sexy locks than the Foo Fighters, this crazy tribute to milk does a body good. And the fact that milk keeps your teeth pearly white and your hair silky smooth is just a bonus - what more could you ask for?

Check out the video over at YouTube.

I smell viral

I smell viral marketing.

BOOO! Auto-playing videos


Auto-playing videos in an RSS feed = EPIC FAIL.

LOL if you think this is good

LOL if you think this is good check out the MYSPACE page for White Gold!!!! Calcium twins rock Yall!!!!

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