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Say Hello to Miss Cougar America


If you thought this whole cougar phenomenon was going away, think again. At the first-ever National Cougar Convention held last week in Palo Alto, California, more than 200 cougars and the young men who love them got together to crown Miss Cougar America.

Gloria Navarro, 42 (that's her on the right) won the crown. Navarro, who was recently divorced after a 20 year marriage did not cry, carry a bouquet or even wear a crown. That's just not the cougar way of doing things, you see.

"I went from soccer mom with short hair, flat-heeled shoes and fanny packs to cougar," Navarro told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I believe every woman has a cougar in them - someone who doesn't need a man for anything other than companionship."

And in other cougar news, Courtney Cox will be starring in a new TV series called Cougar Town, a pilot for ABC. She plays a 40-year-old mother who's newly single and on the prowl. She's looking pretty hot in the video promo for the show:

Finally, if you want to go out there and meet a real, live cougar check out our guide on where to meet a cougar in your neighborhood.

photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle

I feel privileged to be a

I feel privileged to be a witness to the true, steep decline of American civilization.

[...] “Just A Guy Thing.” And

[...] “Just A Guy Thing.” And it just so happen that on that day, the writer wrote about the Cougar phenomenon. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, ?”cougar” is an older woman who [...]

[...] And now, get ready to

[...] And now, get ready to take cougar hunting to the next level. Carnival Cruises has partnered with Singles Travel Company and the Society of Single Professionals to offer the first International Cougar Cruise. (When I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke. Then I read about it on realized it was legit.) The short cruise takes place December 4-7, departing from San Diego and heading to Ensenada, Mexico. The trip costs $125/person (double occupancy) and includes all the regular amenities. Plus, anyone who signs up through the Singles Travel Company will get exclusive invitations to a number of on-board parties. Still not sold? The guest of honor will be Miss Cougar America, 42 year-old Gloria Navarro. [...]

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