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What Else Besides Leap Year Happens Every Four Years?

Considering Leap Year gives us an EXTRA 24 HOURS OF LIFE every four years, you think people would value it a little more than they do other quadrennial events. But such is not the case. There are a handful events competing for the title of "Best Thing That Happens Only Every Four Years," and I would say that Leap Year isn't even a competitor. So below, I created a list of things that happen every four years. The first section is a list of things I can name offhand, then the later section includes items I wasn't able to name offhand and had to look up. 

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Virtually all of them get more love than lowly Leap Year. Shame on you, society. 

(Without Research)

The Olympics

Presidential and Many Other Elections

The World Cup

The America's Cup 

(With Research)

Total Solar Eclipse


Wow. Okay. There aren't a lot of universally acknowledged quadrennial events, but that just means that Leap Year should get even more attention. Also, I got 80% of them. Not bad!


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