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For the Stoners: Know Every State's Marijuana Laws

With marijuana getting all medical/decriminalized/whatever in states faster than a speeding bullet, it's hard to know if you're even breaking a law anymore. What was decriminalized in Denver might get you two years in Oklahoma. Seriously. Oklahoma has really draconian drug laws. Well, ignorance is no excuse, and while most people are coming around to the fact that smoking weed probably won't bring about the apocalypse or turn users on to crack in a two-week window, local and state governments aren't always as enlightened. 

So, leave it to the politcally active potheads at NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) to give you a state-by-state breakdown of what exactly you can get away with and where. These guys know pot laws like it's their job. Because it totally is their job. 

I can't do justice to the comprehensive nature of the this tool here, so click the map below to educate yourself and learn if smoking that bowl is a level-6 felony or totally cool, bro-ham. 

467 usmap_states.gif

Yeah, it kinda looks like the DaVinci code at first, but once you learn what the terms mean, it's pretty straightforward. Just don't try to do it stoned. Or do. Whatever. I'm no narc. 

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