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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It's a week till Halloween and you still don't have a costume? Well, you screwed yourself yet again, pointdexter. We at JAGT aren't ones to judge (your friends will do that when they see you wearing a half-assed costume); rather, we're here to help.

Now you could turn off the ole' thinking cap and be the twelfth person at what ever party you're going to to get outfitted as Kenny Fuckin' Powers or Greenman, or you can rip off a different TV show, probably with less effort, and get slightly more credit for originality. Not a bad scenario, eh?

Since we're not any better at thinking up these things than you are, we are stealing lists assembled by other websites in an effort to help you steal a costume idea you didn't think of. Don't judge us. You're stealing, too.

Without further ado, let's go. Seriously. Hurry, you've got like three days to get your house in order.

Here is a list of costumes worn by some of the characters of some of your favorite TV shows.

Here lies a collection of Lady Gaga costumes. If you've just totally given up. As a matter of fact, if you're gonna do this, just save the money, show up at the party with a ton of booze, and beg for forgiveness that you couldn't think of a costume. You'll come out looking better than if you showed up in a Goddamn Lady Gaga costume.

You could always staple a bunch of Summer's Eve boxes to whatever you're wearing and tell people you're Spencer Pratt.

Here's a list of ten popular Halloween costumes that aren't particularly clever or great, but you will probably still be able to buy off the rack in the next few days.

And finally, if you work really, really hard, you can learn how to put together this Daft Punk helmet that took this guy 17 months:

Yeah, you're screwed.

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