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If You Like To Drink, Avoid These Dry Counties (National Map)

Let's hope that anyone reading this isn't such an alocholic that they plan their vacations around these places (for God's sake, visit your grandparents, dry count or not!), but if you find yourself checking into the Bible Belt, or Michigan, Ohio, or Pennsylvania you might want to at least know what you're in for. 

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The blue laws in some counties, which haven't been revised for centuries in some parts, prohibit the sale of alcohol either a little, a lot, or completely depending on where you are, so you might want to bring a flask. Or a bottle. Or an entire distillery, if it's a wedding or something. Lots of these county restrictions are holdovers from prohibition, which ended in 1933, but some county officials may not have received the memo. 

While it may not look like much, it's a little shocking to see the effects that prohibition, and way before that, Puritcanical times, still have on our country. The areas affected aren't that surprising (try to buy alcohol in Pennsylvania. I dare you), but it's still a little jarring to see the scope. 

Of course, you're still allowed to bring booze into these places, I think, but plan ahead, because Texas is a big state, and if you're planning on throwing a late-night party, unless you want to gear up for a road trip, you might wanna have the booze on hand. 

For a little more info, and to give props for the map, check out i09's site. Thanks, i09. 

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