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Carving Out Some Pumpkin Stats

One of the tried and true ways for a kid to tell if a house is handing out Halloween candy is to focus on the porch. If there’s a Jack O’ Lantern hanging out on the porch, then the odds are great that you can score some candy. But just how many households are actually using pumpkins during the Halloween season? Believe it or not, 94% of the 78 million households celebrating Halloween plan on using a pumpkin. This totals up to over 74 million pumpkins, and at roughly $5 a pop, that’s an amazing $365,098,245 spent on pumpkins alone every year.

What makes these numbers even more impressive, especially if you’re selling pumpkins, is that 98% of all pumpkins in the nation are sold for Halloween. That leaves only a measly 2% sold for factory usage, pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc. And just for a fun fact: Under half of those pumpkins, around 34 million, would be enough to sink the biggest cruise ship in the world.


Halloween 2012 Infographic

Courtesy of: CouponCodes4U
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