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Nun Sues Ex Over Naked Facebook Photos


Ladies, it's bad enough when your old boyfriend posts naked photos of you on Facebook. It's even worse when you happen to be a nun."

A 31-year old novice nun is suing her ex-boyfriend after she discovered he had posted on Facebook nude photos of her during a vacation in Sicily in 2006."

The man said he wants to stop the woman from becoming a nun and he refuses to remove the pictures. The nun's lawyer has now taken legal action to get the photos removed from the social networking site."

This being Facebook, of course, lots of Italians have logged on to ogle the photos, leaving comments like: "If all the nuns are like hat, I want to become a priest."

I want to see the pics. WHere

I want to see the pics. WHere are they?

I tried to find them, but was

I tried to find them, but was not able to locate the photos. If anyone knows where they are, please let me know in the comments or send an email using our contact form linked to at the top of the page and we'll post them here.

[...] Nun sues ex over nude

[...] Nun sues ex over nude Facebook photos Just a Guy Thing [...]

I suspect this is a modern

I suspect this is a modern urban myth. Because all she would have needed to do was report it to facebook and they would have removed it whether he wanted to or not! So the pics probably don't exist I'm afraid!

where is the pics

where is the pics

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