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Nothing Says Class Like A Slutty Bride


Your wedding day is a special time to share with your friends and loved ones, a time to think deeply about the lifelong commitment you are entering into, and, of course, a time to show off you boobies to the world. Yes, we're talking about slutty brides and you would be surprised how many are out there.

Among other wedding day disasters, the website Wedinator has captured lots of brides-to-be with next to nothing on. What motivates these brides to strip down in front of family on their big day? Who knows, but we aren't complaining.





All photos are from Wedinator.

[...] Nothing Says Class Like

[...] Nothing Says Class Like A Slutty Bride – Just A Guy Thing [...]

[...] For more pictures of

[...] For more pictures of brides slutting up the aisle, check out Just A Guy Thing! [...]

[...] Skanky Brides.  [Just A

[...] Skanky Brides.  [Just A Guy Thing] [...]

[...] Nothing Says Class Like

[...] Nothing Says Class Like A Slutty Bride (Just a Guy Thing) [...]

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