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New Website Helps Determine If You're Getting Screwed by Your Auto Repair Place

Author's note: Rich DeMuro is a new contributor to Just A Guy Thing via his site Stuff Rich Likes, a practical tech and gadgets website that doesn't require a PhD to understand.  He posts regularly about all aspects of the tech world, so I encourage you to check out his site for other interesting and helpful articles.


Usually, when I take my car into the shop I’m prepared for the worst.  ”The A/C seems warm” turns into “your condensor is shot,” some explanation I don’t understand and a $700 repair estimate.  What to do next?  I really don’t know if I’m getting a bum deal, and something tells me the average person has no clue what’s fair at the repair shop.

RepairPal takes the mystery out of car repairs with a simple tool that will tell you the average price you should be paying for a repair in your zip code.  You just pop in a few details about your repair and car, and it will do the rest.  It breaks down the estimated repair cost in a few ways, showing you the range to expect depending on whether you go through a dealer or independent repair shop, the cost of labor and parts, plus the parts usually needed and how much they cost.  The result?  You can feel better about making an informed repair decision, and you don’t have to scramble to get your friend the “car expert” on the phone to ask a dozen questions.


Rich DeMuro is a tech journalist who is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gadgets, mobile apps and useful websites. He is constantly upgrading his cell phone in a never ending quest for better features. He has appeared on CNET, CBS, The Today Show and more.

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