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Quentin Tarantino's 'Fave Films of 2012' Contains Some Really Awful Movies

For a guy who makes some of this generation's most iconic and lauded films, Quentin Tarantino sure has some questionable taste in movies. Granted, he's an artiste, which means that he has to be very contrarian, whether that means hating movies people loved (not so much) or loving movies people hated (a lot of those on this list). For instance, he liked The Three Musketeers. A lot. It was his 11th favorite film, whereas it appeared to be most people's 11th least-favorite film. Of all time.

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I'm not saying I'm the arbiter of good taste when it comes to films, so I'll just say that I think this list will raise some eyebrows among film lovers. 

But seriously, The Three Musketeers?


Quentin Tarantino’s official Top Eleven of 2011
1. Midnight In Paris
2. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
3. Moneyball
4. The Skin I Live In
5. X-Men: First Class
6. Young Adult
7. Attack The Block
8. Red State
9. Warrior
10. The Artist / Our Idiot Brother (tie)
11. The Three Musketeers

Others he liked (no particular order)
The Iron Lady
Green Hornet
Green Lantern
Captain America
The Descendants
My Week With Marilyn
Fast Five
Tree Of Life
The Hangover Part II
Mission Impossible 4
The Beaver
The Sitter
War Horse

Nice Try Award
Drive Angry
Real Steel

Worst Films
Sucker Punch
Potiche (Trophy Wife)
Straw Dogs
Paranormal Activity 3
Meek’s Cutoff

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