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Megan Fox Goes Nude in New Movie

Yes, Just A Guy Thing has been featuring an awful lot of the lovely Megan Fox recently, but so far there haven't been any reader complaints, so we'll continue to plow ahead. The latest Megan Fox tidbit is a very hot trailer for her upcoming movie Jennifer's Body, which opens in September.

Written by Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for her screenplay Juno, Jennifer's Body looks to be a horror comedy or perhaps a comedy horror. I haven't heard anything about the movie, but the trailer is oddly intriguing even if it's a bit hard to believe Megan Fox is a high school student. Plus, it would be pretty much worth the price of admission to see the scene where Megan Fox emerges from a lake nude.

Warning: this trailer is NSFW.

[...] The guys over at

[...] The guys over at just posted the story that in the new movie from the mind of Diablo Cody Megan Fox plays a high school student in what people call a comedy horror movie. She is nude so my dreams become reality per say anyways. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it on this page so go to [...]

[...] a lot of posts about

[...] a lot of posts about Megan Fox on Just A Guy Thing. We’ve shown you sexy Megan Fox photos, Megan Fox nude in an upcoming movie, and even Megan Fox as the Mona Lisa. But no more! We have to draw the line [...]

[...] Megan Fox Goes Nude in

[...] Megan Fox Goes Nude in New Movie. A very sexy trailer for Jennifer?s Body, Megan Fox’s new horror/comedy movie shows her emerging from a lake in the buff. [...]

You might think this is would

You might think this is would be a great movie to watch at home on a big HDTV, but I foresee some screen burn in issues from being left on pause for too long!

wow sexy and creepy never new

wow sexy and creepy never new they could be a combo

You'd thing, but no, she

You'd thing, but no, she doesn't emerge from the lake naked... We actually see very little of her body in this movie! Those photos leaked onto the web a while back of her naked getting up out of the water and walking over the dock are actually photos that were taken on set by a bad little someone... We don't see anything whatsoever in the movie - just some shots of her legs, and then she's already dressed and walking back out into the woods... Quite a let down.

She is freaking hot what more

She is freaking hot what more is there to say

Megan Foz is beautiful, too

Megan Foz is beautiful, too bad she's a whore.

In the unrated version she is

In the unrated version she is nude but not in the rated version

Megan is not a whore just a

Megan is not a whore just a very sexy lady ... but someguy is right... you don't see any body. You might as well just look at the picture that was leaked...

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