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This Machine Will Give You Free Wi-Fi If You Feed It Dog Shit. What? Yes.

I've got this category on the site called "Manovations," and I never really know what to use it for. This, my friend, is a Manovation if ever there was one. 

This machine, ostensibly put in public parks, will give you some free wi-fi if you feed it bags full of dog poo. Why do you need wi-fi in a dog park? Does the promise of free wi-fi make you more likely to clean up after your dog? If so, you're probably a jerk. 

865 doodoo-for-wifi.jpg

It turns out this isn't supposed to be a sustainable business model for cities or parks departments or Internet service providers, but rather just exists so bloggers like me will write about it and give them publicity. HOWEVER, I'm not going to tell you the names of the ISP or the ad agency that came up with the idea. Nice try, schemers. 

(via Geekologie)

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