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Manbabies Will Make You Wet Your Pants


If you read Just A Guy Thing regularly, you know that we love weird, wacky, wonderful websites. But may very well be the oddest site to date.

The concept is simple and the results are eye-popping. What happens when you use Photoshop to swap a baby's head for a man's? Really, really creepy photos. The photos are submitted by users or created by the site's owners. For a fee, the site will even swap heads from your own photos.

Here are some of the highlights from the site, although you really need to visit to get the full, deliciously creepy effect:





For more photos, visit

Wow, Manbabies! It was

Wow, Manbabies! It was creepy, but for some reason I kept pressing NEXT to see more.

Yeah, I had the same

Yeah, I had the same fascination with it. You want to stop, but you just can't. It's really quite brilliant in its warped simplicity.

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