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How to Find Your Neighborhood Cougar


Do you want to know where the cougars live in your town? How about your local baby momma? The folks at Townme have a created a tool that allows you to find where the yuppies, starving students, sugar daddies and much more live.

Just type a city into Townme's "Yuppie Locator" and you'll get a heat map showing you where all sorts of people live in your area. TownMe's mission is to bring all the world's communities and local information online. Users can add content about their favorite city so that everyone can find something interesting or useful about their town.

Here's the map for cougars in San Francisco (the darker areas indicate the greatest concentration):

Picture 77.png

According to the map, if you're trolling for cougars, you're best off in the Marina district and Noe Valley, which is surprisingly accurate.

Here's a map of sugar daddies in Manhattan:

Picture 78.png

If you're a gal looking to hook-up with a sugar daddy, according to Townme you're best off trying Carnegie Hill, the Upper East Side, and Tribeca. Again, quite accurate.

Check out the Yuppie Locator at Townme.

photo credit: sketchr

[...] Dying for an

[...] Dying for an experienced older woman?? Read all about how to find your neighborhood cougar. [...]

Ha, this is pretty hilarious.

Ha, this is pretty hilarious. The data weighs age against single & divorced women. In my town, it shows the majority of "cougars" are in neighborhoods where you are likely to find single mothers (of 8) with no jobs, no income living in one room apartments subsidized by the government. I guess I know where I can find these "cougars"... standing on the corner, late at night, looking for "a ride".

[...] How to Find Your

[...] How to Find Your Neighborhood Cougar - Just A Guy Thing [...]

Maybe it's not available for

Maybe it's not available for all cities (I didn't try many), but I found absolutely no "yuppie locator" anywhere on their site. Maybe a link directly to it would have been more useful than a link to their main page.

Unfortunately, Townme doesn't

Unfortunately, Townme doesn't seem to have a main landing page for the Yuppie Locator, which is why we couldn't link directly there. The easiest way to find the yuppie locator for your area is to go to and use the upper search bar where it says "look for" and type in yuppies, and then enter your location in the box that says "near". I'm not sure if they have a yuppie locator for every location, but main cities seem to be covered pretty well.

[...] How to Find Your

[...] How to Find Your Neighborhood Cougar. Trolling for cougars? Here’s a tool that could help you reel them in (or maybe it’s vice-versa). [...]

[...] How to Find Your

[...] How to Find Your Neighborhood Cougar – Just A Guy Thing [...]

[...] How to Find Your

[...] How to Find Your Neighborhood Cougar [...]

The Marina is where

The Marina is where fraternity boys and sorority girls live in a cluster so they can reinforce their sense of privilege together. The younger ones go to Chestnut Street, the next older ones (yuppies) to Union St and they move up the hill to Pacific Heights as they get old. When "they" say those areas are "really nice", they mean that there is no cultural diversity and that everyone looks just like them with small sharp facial features and blonde or black hair. They have “business clubs” called which make sure that they only do business with each other and don’t mix races or non-frat-house people into business deals.

I want a cougar since I was

I want a cougar since I was in my diapers and still everyday I want a cougar. They squeak proper.

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