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How Much Sugar is in That?


If you're trying to health healthfully and maintain your weight, you know you need to watch your sugar intake. But sometimes a label just isn't enough to keep you on the straight and narrow. Sure, a label on a can of Coke can tell you there's 39 grams of sugar in the soda, but what does that really look like?

A new site called Sugar Stacks can help you visualize how much sugar you're eating. The idea is simple: translate the sugar content on everyday foods like cereals, fruits and sodas into a stack of sugar cubes.

Some examples are obvious, like the the amount of sugar in a Cinnabon:


Other examples show just how bad you're being. A 7-Eleven Double Gulp cup of Coke has an astounding 186 grams of suger - about a cup. Here's what that looks like:


Check out the Sugar Stack website to compare foods, find out where sugar is hiding, and see how much of the sweet stuff you're really eating.

photo credit: Sugar Stacks

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