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Here Are the World's Biggest Natural Boobs


Is bigger always better when it comes to boobs? In the case of Norma Stitz, maybe not. Norma holds the world record for the largest natural breasts. Norma took home the title 10 years ago when her boobs were measured at an astounding 69 inches.

How much do those puppies weigh? 20 pounds? 30 pounds? Nope, try 40 pounds. They are so big that Norma has to use custom made bras using parachute fabric (really!).

There are a few drawbacks to having breasts this huge. One is that Norma can't sleep on her back because these massive mounds will crush her airways. She also can't walk up stairs by herself because, well, she can't see them.

Despite these obstacles, Norma soldiers on with no interest in breast reduction surgery. In fact, she's taken full advantage of her booming bosoms and works in the pornography business.

Here's a SFW video that gives you an idea of just how big Norma's fun bags:

[via The Inquisitr]

[...] Here are the World’s

[...] Here are the World’s Biggest Natural Boobs - Just A Guy Thing [...]

I doubt she was born with

I doubt she was born with that name...sounds a lot like "enormous tits". Way too much of a coincidence.

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