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Your Wednesday Links

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Portal 2 saw its release today, and if you believe the Internet, it's the greatest thing that anyone has ever done. Ever. Better than whatever you're thinking of comparing it to right now. - Made Man

Here's how to bowl a strike. You know, so you can impress "women." - Art of Manliness

We don't really see race, religion, color, or creed here at JAGT. Unless it's in keeping with a theme. And since Passover is looming, here's a ton of hot Jewish chicks. - Co-ed Magazine

Hey everyone! Here's a cookbook for people who like to get really, really stoned. Just in time for 4/20, I guess. - Flisted Brooklyn Decker has misplaced her shirt. That's too bad - Don Chavez

Uhhh...the new Volkswagen Beetle looks kind of cool (everything you know is wrong) - Bro Bible - SITE NAME

Hockey players suspended for 2.5 years. If you want to know why, you should probably hit the link - Gunaxin

Girls aren't texting you back? If you're sure you're hitting the "send" button, then you may want to check this helpful little piece out. - TSB Mag

Indie-rock mainstay The National might be organizing a compilation of Grateful Dead tributes. If those two can get along, there is hope for all of us. - A.V. Club

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Your Daily Links
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Your Daily Links
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Your Daily Links
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Mid-Week Links
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