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Angelina Jolie is taking pilot lessons. THis never ends well. - GCeleb

It's the "no tan lines" bikini. What a time to be alive. - The Daily

Kate Moss sure is making the rounds these days. Here she is topless for Pirelli. - The Nip Slip

Aren't we happy that Lily Collins doesn't look like Phil? - FHM

10 weird bathrobes that you, yes you, can own. - Linkiest

A topless girl smoking pot at a strip club in NYC. Enjoy. - Boobie Blog

This is a hot twitpic to help you deal with Mondays. Don't worry. It still works on other days of the week. - Caveman Circus

I kind of like the 2014 Super Bowl logo - Busted Coverage

The 20 funniest English fails - Double Viking

Say hello to Katy Perry. Did you miss her? - Use My Computer

You can win this $1,500 watch. - Made Man

Your Daily Links
Bella Heatcote has a girlish quality, no? - GCeleb 10 ways to influence people. You know, like puppets. - Shav...
What Your Drink Says About You (Assuming You Only Drink Apple Martinis, Scotch, Margaritas, Jaeger, or Malt Liquor)
Having a crisis of identity?  Are you in such a position that you know what you like to drink but need the...
Your Daily Links
FHM in the Philippines has some pretty awesome pictorials, like this Sarah Robertson one. - GCeleb Duh. Of cou...
What Happened to Baseball Cards?
  At this point, I just feel guilty.  My poor parents.  Lord knows how many hours they spent wait...
Your Daily Links
Adrianne Palicki still is a wonder woman - GCeleb Six questions about women answered - Shave Magazine Check o...