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New Year's Eve Links

Yeah, we don't like working on NYE either. Here are some links to click on while you run out the clock at the office till 2011.

Here are some NYC snow removal trucks beating the hell out of a Ford that's in their way. Double Viking

Tucker Carlson feels that Michael Vick should have been executed for his treatment of dogs. Hope Tucker never won a goldfish at a carnival. Guyism

Books are always a hard thing to take on referral, but year-end lists are always a good place to start. The young(ish) staff at the A.V. Club have a list of their favorites. A. V. Club

Our friends at h-spot have put together a sex guide that isn't made by or intended for weirdos. For a refreshingly honest and un-cheesy look at sex, hit the link. H-Spot

The Space Jam website from 1996 is still up, strangely. For a time capsule-view of what the internet used to look like 14 years ago, take a peek. It's funny as hell. Deadspin

Feel like you've lost your sense of whimsy? Here's an article on how to build the baddest snowman on the block. Art of Manliness

Say hello to 2011 with the 30 most-anticipated movies on deck for the new year. COED Magazine

In honor of tonight's festivities, here's a song about having sex and taking drugs. See ya in 2011! (Monday)

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