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Link Roundup

It looks like Facebook is starting an email service to compete with Gmail. You don't get to 500 million forwarded lawyer jokes without making a few enemies. Made Man

Keith Richards has just released his autobiography that is apparently a must-read for fans of the Stones, music, drugs, or just general awesomeness. Here's a pretty entertaining review written by indie-rock Goddess and full-time hot chick Liz Phair. The New York Times

Mashup DJ Girl Talk has issued a new album, available for free download from this site. (Note: the site has been clogged with traffic since yesterday, so you may want to wait a day or two before trying to get it.) Illegal Art

Guitar amp manufacturer has issued two badass pairs of new headphones at $60 and $100. Gizmodo

GQ has announced their "Babe of the Year 2010" (nice name, guys) and published a corresponding pictorial. It's a better-looking-than-normal Scarlet Johannson. Enjoy. Socialite Life

As we all know, the local video store is dying or already dead thanks to Netflix, OnDemand, and streaming video. EgoTV has a list of 7 reasons why we'll miss the little guys. Not you, Blockbuster. You suck. EgoTV

Love to ski in goggles, but afraid they don't totally make you look like a housefly? Well, click here for the answer to your prayers. Oh, and they have GPS for some reason, which is helpful because...ok, it's not helpful, but it makes for a nice conversation on the chairlift. Cool Material

Sadly, the Miami heat has to send out instructions to their fans to tell them how to behave like actual fans. Which once again proves my theory that cities with awesome weather have the worst fans. Isn't that right San Diego Chargers fans who can't watch their team on TV cause they can't sell out eight measly games? Yeah, that's what I thought Deadspin

With so much suffering in the world, it's good to laugh. Our friends at MANosterone have a pretty funny quiz to find out if the one you're with is "the one." Note: not a real quiz. This will kill your relationship if you adhere to it. MANosterone

And finally, to in our undying effort to bring you the finest in musical entertainment, here's the best music video of the past few years, the Black Lips "Tighten Up". See ya soon.

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