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Lexus Wants You To Win Their LIfestyle

Even if you don't have Lexus cash, that doesn't mean you can't live the Lexus life. Well, most of the time it does, but when the car manufacturer picks up the tab for some of their most extravagant adventures, it makes adopting the lifestyle that much easier. 

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Those bigshots at Lexus think that they can let you know what driving their 2013 LS F Sport is like by taking you on a few very high-profile adventures. For instance, you can...

Fly a Russian fighter jet past the speed of sound

Drive an F1 car (don't forget your seatbelt)

Heli-ski in France

How does the car compare? Don't ask me. I'm just the messenger. But the car company wouldn't send you on all these adventures if the wheels weren't there to back it up. 

So hit their website here, let them know why you deserve to win, then fly your airplane or race car into a skiier, or something. You'll figure it out. 

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