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71 Pictures Of Children Crying On Santa's Lap

The holidays aren't all they're cracked up to be. On the one hand, you've got miracles, whimsy, gifts, and family. But on the other hand, you end up on some gross bearded guys lap while your screams for salvation are only met with smiles and flashbulbs. 

It's not great all the time, and Don Chavez is acknowledging that with this festive gallery of over 70 little tots screaming their faces off while bouncing on Kris Kringle's knee. Brings back trauma, don't it? He might not be as freaky as a well-timed clown, but Santa, despite his great intentions and flowing beard, can still look like a bloodthirsty monster in the eyes of babes. 

Hit the pic or the link below it to visit the galelry and see all the misery firsthand. 

651 santa-15.jpg

71 Dumb Kids Crying 

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