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22 Germans That Can't Handle Oktoberfest

You can tell we're serious about the origin here because "October" is spelled the crazy German way. Like a toddler would spell it. 

Just because the Germans came up with Oktoberfest doesn't necessarily mean that they're all equipped to handle it. That would be like assuming, "Oh. People have been celebrating Mardi Gras for years now. It's unlikely that anything suprising or terrible would happen after all that practice." 

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So long as no one's getting mortally wounded, we can kick back from our ivory tower and examine Virgin Mobile's pictorial review of Germans that just can't manage to do Oktoberfest right. If you guessed that it's a lot of drunken bufoonery...DINGDINGDING! It's like German St. Patrick's Day up in this piece! 

Over the course of the year, Virgin Mobile has done a wonderfully stealthy job of promoting their products (at least we think they're promoting their products) by actually entertaining us by pretty much doing my job for me. Consequently, we at JAGT are inclined to throw a little love their way. So if you like what's behind the link above, there's a pretty good chace you'll enjoy their Twitter feed and their Facebook page. BOOM. 

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