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20 GIFs That Really Capture Our Holiday Cheer (Or Lack Thereof)

The holidays are a tricky, tricky time. So much festivity, gratitude, and love is in the air that sometimes you just feel like ripping off your own arm just so you have something to beat people with. Or maybe you're less conflicted about this time of year than we are. 

So if your feelings during this time run a little like this:

1020 anigif_enhanced-buzz-30162-1354548827-1.gif

Then Virgin Mobile's list of 20 Holiday Reactions We're All Having is right up your Scrooge-like alley. It's in GIF form, because no static photo could ever do justice to the conflict you feel as are forced to attend your significant other's office holiday party, sipping bargain-basement vodka sodas while everyone around you is talking about how everyone is so sick of how high-maintenance the people in HR are. 

Yup. Ho. Ho. Ho. 

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