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'Get the Girl Naked' is One Awesome Game Show

The Japanese have a certain knack for bizzaro game shows. Take, for example, "Get The Girl Naked." As the name suggests, the game show revolves around teams of guys competing to get a chick in a bikini naked.

And boy do they go at it with gusto. With the intensity they display you'd think none of these guys had ever seen a naked woman before. Come to think of it, maybe they haven't. Anyway, enjoy. Oh, and it's kinda NSFW, just so you know.



[via Blog of Hilarity]

This is classic. They have

This is classic. They have the funniest damn game shows. We used to watch Most Extreme Elimination Challenge it was freakin hysterical. I'll have to check this out. BTW - I propped your blog on Blog Catalog in a discussion post so hope you get some good traffic.

Funny stuff. Tons of funny

Funny stuff. Tons of funny crap at WWW.SQUIBCRIB.COM - check it out, very cool!

That water must be infected

That water must be infected with fire!!! Call the Aqua teen hunger force. lol

Craziness but in good humour

Craziness but in good humour loads of FUN

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