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Mondays Suck. They Suck (Slightly) Less with These Headphones

While I don't think "tangled headphones" will top anyone's "greatest fears" list (still holding strong, death and public speaking) in a more wired age, tangled headphones remain one of the problems of consumer electronics that technology hasn't dealt with yet. 

85 jays_ajays_four_earphones_gearpatrol.jpg

Wireless headphones never really caught on, as they require another thing to charge or another set of batteries, and as long as headphones have wires, they will be the one item in your arsenal of gear that gets tangled. 

Not anymore. The Swedes at a-Jays have come up with a pair of tangle-free headphones ($75) that utilize a flat black cord that appears practical and pretty bad-ass looking. The wire-mounted controller also allows the user to pause, control the volume, and skip songs. 

So your girlfriend may be cheating on you, your house could be in foreclosure, but at least you won't be untangling knots at the gym. Yay? (Gear Patrol)

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