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Apple's Steve Wozniak Carries A LOT Of Tech Stuff In HIs Backpack

I understand that he's probably one of the most important tech guys in the history of...ever, but this is ridiculous even for a guy that shaped technology as we know it. I mean, it's 50 lbs of stuff. Take a look:

976 woz-backpack-gadgets-small.jpeg

For a bigger view of the madness, click here

I mean, I see about seven iPhones, two other black smartphone looking things, two iPod nanos. WHO NEEDS TWO NANOS? YOU'VE GOT SEVEN IPHONES OF MUSIC, STEVE!

Two iPads, a Kindle, a Bluetooth keyboard, and only one MacBook Pro. 

Then a bunch of stuff that I can't even guess about. The guy must have a bitch of a time going through airport security. 

Oh. That's right. He's richer than God, which means he probably doesn't deal with the TSA much. 

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