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Forget Casual Friday - It's Naked Friday!


Perhaps it's time for really casual Fridays. In April, staff members at a design firm in Newcastle, England came to work naked after a business psychologist told them it would build team spirit.

The psychologist, David Taylor, was brought in after six employees were laid off due to the recession. According to Taylor, going naked can take away inhibitions and allow staff members to talk more honestly.

Despite initial uncertainly, almost all the staff worked in the buff except for one man who wore a pouch and one woman who kept on underwear. Sam Jackson, 23, the firm's office manager, was the only woman to go fully nude. She was quoted in The Telegraph as saying: "It was brilliant. Now that we've seen each other naked, there are no barriers."

I say it's time to take this experiment over to the U.S. Naked Fridays everyone!

photo credit: The Telegraph

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