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Your Super Bowl Spread: Keep It Simple

Everyone and their dog is anticipating a killer game on a huge stage this Sunday, so make sure if you're throwing a party, you've got the chops to match. If you're planning on three pizzas and two cases of Keystone, you might want to more. If you're thinking about a seated dinner with an aumse bouche and a dessert course, you might want to do less.

The nice thing about a Super Bowl party is that the pressure really is off. The star of the show is the game, so make sure people are fed, drinks are flowing, and that there's a gambling game that everyone can get in on. that's about it.


42 super-bowl-food.jpg


First up, let's talk food. There's no reason to kill yourself in this area, but you'll probably want to do something other than pizza, as the pizza places get hit pretty hard that day and unless you want your food delayed until the 3rd quarter and cold, look at putting it together yourself. The Super Bowl is synonymous with snacking, so while it's nice to have something substantial, you can always look towards picking up chicken wings, chips and dip from any decent Mexican joint, or you can shop for your spread at teh grocery store. Last year, I did a make-your-own grilled cheese bar that worked out very well. The nice thing about it was that, since everyone was cooking their own food, it freed me up to watch the game and socialize, rather than be trapped in the kitchen. On that note, grilling always sounds like a good idea - it's not. Too much attention, running inside and outside, and the capacity for screwing up people's food is huge. Unless there's a great dish you love to make, pick up all your food to-go and toss it in your own dishes. It's as cheap as cooking and way easier. Better yet, have your friends bring their favorite dishes to your place. Just because you're hosting doesn't mean that you're their slave. It's football, not a state dinner. 


43 beer_toast1.jpg


Booze: Again, you're in luck. Football is synonymous with beer. Stick largely with that. For the girls or girlish  men, offer something like margaritas or wine. If they're looking for cucumber mojitos, they showed up on the wrong day. Sure, you'll score some points by offering some crazy drink, but the way people drink at these parties, you'll be squeezing limes all day when you should be entertaining your friends. I go back and forth on keg vs. cans, as they're both the same amount of cleanup and about the same price. I generally go can or bottles, just because you can offer your guests a little more variety that way. And don't forget ice and coolers. you think all that beer will fit in your fridge. It won't. 


44 football_pool-1.jpg


Gambling: Don't overthink this one either. Get a piece of posterboard earlier in the day and sell squares off of it. If you don't understand that last sentence, you must not get invited to many Super Bowl parties. Click here to get the 411 on the game. This is a must-have, otherwise, if the game is a blowout, you're going to have some restless guests. Gambling always keeps people interested. 

That's it. Plan on having people over later if you live on the west coast, not so much in the east. And if anyone tries to put on Glee after the game, throw a bottle at them. 

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