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This Teacher I Wish I Had In School Is Going To Jail For Throwing Druggy Sex Parties

Filed this under "fine living" because...because.

Preschool teacher Sarah Jane Lindsay out of South Carolina is going to jail for ten years for throwing parties for teenagers during which she supplied drugs and alchol, and, naturally, slept with some of the students. She threw these parties with another preschool teacher, but bore the brunt of the charges because the other teacher slept with teeange boys who were above the age of consent in South Carolina. 

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Oh, and Sarah Jane Lindsay is married. Not sure how that factors in here, but it can't simplify matters. 

The story in its entirety can be found right here. The whole scenario makes me think that I went to the wrong all-boys high school. This is crap. I want my youth back. Who's gonna give it to me, though? Certainly not my "education." I want my teenage self to have had more sex. Not a lot more, but a little!


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