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Find Out if a Woman Likes You: Look at Her Feet


If you're looking at a women's face to find signs if she likes you, you're looking in the front place. Experts now think that a woman's foot movements say more about her true feelings than any other part of her body.

Here's the key to look out for: if a woman moves her feet away from her body while laughing and takes a more open-legged stance, it means she is attracted to you. On the flip side, if the woman has her feet tucked or crossed under her body, then you're going to go down in flames.

Sorry ladies, but those signs do not apply to men. A man's foot movement has not shown to reveal anything about his attraction level.

The surprising findings were made by Professor Geoff Beattie, Dean of psychological sciences at the University of Manchester in the U.K. Beattie speculates that the feet reveal so much because most people are unaware of them.

While people may be self conscious about what their facial expression or hands are saying, they often have no idea what messages their feet may be sending.

There are other secrets that feet reveal. If a man is nervous he will shift his feet more while a women will keep hers still. If if they are telling a lie, both sexes will show an unnatural lack of foot movement.

Alpha males and females tend to move their legs and feet less to show their domination. Extroverts and arrogant people have been found to do the same, while shy people will move their feet more often.

So next time you meet a hot chick and want to figure out if she's into you, look at her feet, not her face.

photo credit: Markusram

[...] Find Out if a Woman

[...] Find Out if a Woman Likes You: Look at Her Feet – Just a Guy Thing [...]

[...] Find Out if a Woman

[...] Find Out if a Woman Likes You: Look at Her Feet [...]

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