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Ferris Bueller: Criminal

Anyone who came of age in the eighties knows and loves Ferriss Bueller's Day Off. But did you ever stop to think how many laws Ferriss and his sidekicks broke on that one wild day away from school? Well, the folks over at MetaFilter did and it's a long list of felonies.

Here's just a few of the highlights:

When Ferriss runs Cameron's father's car backwards to erase the mileage they put on it:

Odometer fraud (tampering): 49 U.S.C. ? 32703(2)
Odometer fraud (conspiracy): 49 U.S.C. ? 32703(4)

Assuming that Sloane is legally a minor and that Ferris is eighteen and thus a legal adult, wouldn't falsely signing her out of her school (who are acting in loco parentis) technically be considered kidnapping?

Ed Rooney's bona fide suspicion of incest between Sloane and her "dad" triggers his duty to notify authorities under the Illinois mandatory reporting law. His failure to do so is a Class A misdemeanor. (Poetic license: it looks like this law was not yet in effect in 1985).

Check out the full discussion over at MetaFilter. And if you need a bit if brushing up on Ferriss Bueller's Day Off, here are all the good bits of the movie:

[...] Outside of ditching

[...] Outside of ditching school, Ferris Bueller was a major criminal [...]

[...] Ferrari through its

[...] Ferrari through its glass window and into the woods. That is among dozens of crimes recently recounted in loving detail on the [...]

[...] Ferris Bueller:

[...] Ferris Bueller: Criminal [...]

[...] Ferris Bueller:

[...] Ferris Bueller: Criminal [...]

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