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This Is The Only Acceptable Way To Dress Your Kids Up (17 Pics)

Anyone who's on Facebook or Reddit knows about the surplus of baby and peet pictures that are in circulation. It needs to stop. but every so often, parents show a little ingenuity and creativity that causes the viewer to shift from "That's a cute picture" to "These parents are so badass for doing that I wish they had raised me."

Not many children are so lucky, and it's very time-consuming to separate the wheat from the chaff in this regard, so we at JAGT have taken it on ourselves to compile an inexhaustive list of cool baby costumes. It's longer than we imagined, as we assumed there would only be like three or four. Turns out there's more. A lot more. 

Going forward though, if you're going to dress your kid (or dog) up, and you're wondering if it's awesome enough to send to pics to your's not. 


630 sushi.jpg

631 sandwich.jpg

632 rambo.jpg

633 michael moore.jpg

634 lohan.jpg

635 kim jung il.jpg

636 funny-kids-costumes-Dumb-and-Dumber.jpg

637 alien.jpg

638 air freshener.jpg

639 nacho libre.jpg

640 mr. t.jpg

641 link.jpg

642 costume-twinkies.jpg

643 chuchill.jpg

644 chipotle.jpg

645 chipendales.jpeg

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