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This Ukrainian Girl Got A Ton Of Surgeries To Look Like Barbie

I'm sure this girl has absolutely no other issues. Just that one. Valeria Lukyanova has spent her life wishing she looked exactly like a Barbie doll, and after countless surgeries and some pretty intense grooming practices, it looks like she's as close as any human woman is going to come. 

Valeria is pretty stunning. Her body is amazing, and I'm guessing that she was quite beautiful in the face before she started pursuing her dream. That was then. Now, SHE HAS A DISGUSTING DOLL FACE! The eyes don't look human, and she actually looks plastic. It doesn't help that she seems to be striking doll poses in every shot. 

I'm not trying to sully her integrity, but I'm guessing she could find quite a lucrative career in the sex trade with this little look she has now. I don't know what the market is for this sort of thing, but I'm guessing that a Japanese businessman would pay mid five figures for a night with whatever the hell you want to call this. Take a look at the pics below:

848 real-life-barbie.jpg

849 real-life-barbie-7.jpg

850 real-life-barbie-6.jpg

851 real-life-barbie-5.jpg

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