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Douche of the Day: Plankers (God, They're Dumb)

For those who don't know what "planking" is, consider yourself lucky. It's the act of making your body stiff as a board, laying atop some wacky surface, then posting a picture of the act onto Reddit where people look at it and politely smile. 

371 planking2.jpg

Internet memes are dumb to begin with, but occasionally funny, as was "icing" and "planking for that matter. The only difference is that icing would get you drunk, while planking has cost some unlucky (or stupid, probably both) fame-seekers their lives. 

For instance, there's this guy. He decided a good place to plank would be off of a seventh-story balcony. Predictably, he fell to his death. I'm just glad he didn't take out any street-level pedestrians. Fortunately, attention spans will probably drift before other people die, but the danger isn't really the point of this piece. 

It's the obnoxiousness. 

370 planking-death-Acton-Beale.jpg

I mean, this isn't like a national crisis or anything, but, as someone who spends a lot of time on the Internet for their job, it seems like every third image is someone laying on top of something wacky. So frequently that the wackiness has been completely sucked out of the meme. 

I realize I can't really ask people to stop without suggesting a new meme, so here you go: People walking with cows in weird places. That could work, right? 

372 cheesecow.jpg

I realize this one is fake, so be the first to get a real cow in a pic!

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