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Douche of the Day: Anthony Weiner

For those of you who don't know what's going on with Anthony Weiner...Google it. I'm not even going to give you a link. You don't deserve one. Ok, fine. Here

336 APTOPIX_Congressman_Twitter_Photo_0e3b9.jpg

So, let's assume you're hip to what's going down, which is, essentially "He meant to Tweet (directly) a pic of his junk to a woman, but ended up putting it up on his Twitter account for all to see. Then it was discovered he did this a few times with different women. Then he admitted he lied about it initially." 

Which brings us to where we are now. Which is trouble. Because of guys like Brett Favre, and girls like Blake Lively, the whole "sending naked pics of yourself" phenomenon was regarded as borderline reckless, because there's so many opportunties for the pics to get out. 

338 meagan_broussard_andrew_weiner_2011_a_l.jpg

Well, with Anthony Weiner and his shitstorm, it's going to be pretty dificult to request a naked pic of anyone, girl or guy, ever again. Dammit. Things were going so well in the Twitter age. Well, it's clear that these pics, when handled improperly (like posting the godforesaken things on your Twitter account) can do a lot of damage. If you're a politician. If you're an actress or a model or something, they will probably just embarass you. And if you're not anyone famous at all, they will probably just get you laid. But now that everyone has seen the fallout, it's pretty clear that people will be taking extra precautions to see to it that no one every gets a dirty message on their phone. 

Expect Twitter to file for bankruptcy by month's end. Justkiddingnotreally. 

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