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Only 1 in 3 Americans Definitely Wants To Get Married

I don't know what the number was 25 or 50 years ago, but that percentage is surprising. A survey of adults, male and female, 21 years and older, 27 percent said they didn't want to get married, and 40 percent were unsure, leaving only 33 percent certain that they did. 

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I am comfortable blaming all our divorced moms and dads for this phenomenon. They did this to us. Take some time out to call them up and yell at them for ruining romance not jsut for you, but your entire generation. 

The study was funded by, but before you scoff, know that the Kinsey Institute, cultural anthropologists, and the Institute for Evolutionary Studies all spearheaded this thing. While it's no surprise that people have made marriage a lower priority, just how many have done so is a little surprising. Perhaps everyone is just overreacting to the news that there's no G-spot. That was a tough pill for everyone to swallow. 

What do you do with this information? It's up to you. Maybe know that if you're bugged by the fact that you aren't looking for the two kids and white picket fence, you're not as alone as you thought you might be. The next step is that men and women alike just fuck like rabbits and completely forget what love is. But that probably won't happen until 2014 or so. 

(The results of the study should be live by the time this publishes, and available here.)

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