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Cool Retro T-Shirts from Mustache Brigade


If you're looking to avoid the average cookie-cutter tee and celebrate your inner geek at the same time, check out the Mustache Brigade t-shirt collection by Mighty Fine Men's. They partner with folks like Marvel Comics and Peanuts to create a unique, retro-inspired feel with pop-culture coolness.

I really like the Charlie Brown "player" and the Snoopy Music shirts below. The use of iconic images with updated text is a fun twist.



The Marvel t-shirts show your appreciation for classic comics. Iron Man the movie is so 2008. How about Iron Man the comic book!



With pieces whose inspirational sources range from 90's hip hop groups to Major League Baseball, Mustache Brigade provides a refreshing alternative for the ?sneaker head? consumer. The brand has recruited and worked with some very cool street artists like Tristan Eaton, Calma and Tes-One.

If you like these t-shirts, stay tuned. Just A Guy Thing will be running a Mustache Brigade t-shirt giveaway later this month, just in time to show off your new duds at school.

If you can't wait till then, you can buy the Mustache Brigade line at places like Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, and Macys.

[...] you didn’t win this

[...] you didn’t win this giveaway, fear not. We’ve got another giveaway for some very cool Mustache Brigade t-shirts coming right up, so stay [...]

If you haven’t been keeping

If you haven’t been keeping up with the NBA playoffs, shame on you! Mustache Brigade has just released a wicked new collection of retro-themed basketball tees. Thanks for your valuable information. Regards, distro online

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