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Cheerleader Flu Shot Girl Can Only Walk Backwards

This video has the Internet in a tizzy. Desiree Jennings, who was training to become a cheerleader for the Washington Redskins, claims she developed a rare neurological disorder called Dystonia 10 days after receiving a flu shot.

The bizarre symptoms include only being able to walk backwards or run forwards. While doctors say that Dystonia is a very real condition, some people are calling the whole thing a hoax. What do you think?

I don't know. I doubt it's a

I don't know. I doubt it's a hoax. You'd have to be pretty messed up to fake something like that.

Ya know.. I do think I see a

Ya know.. I do think I see a claim for compensation in the making.. enough said.

[...] now, a poor cheerleader

[...] now, a poor cheerleader is forced to walk backwards due to a rare neurological disorder, which was allege... Of course, B and I couldn’t resist. I guess she’ll always look back at that flu shot [...]

LMAO...they post that video

LMAO...they post that video for every shot/disease....

I really hope its just a

I really hope its just a hoax. That is like so depressing.

Hmmm...maybe considering the

Hmmm...maybe considering the secondary gain she is receiving one might look at a conversion disorder...

that broad is a fraud, a

that broad is a fraud, a demented one at that

[...] couple of weeks ago we

[...] couple of weeks ago we brought you cheerleader Desiree Jennings who claimed to be afflicted with the rare neurological disorder known as Dystonia as a result of a [...]

I think it is a hoax. She

I think it is a hoax. She probaby couldn't make it forward so she went backward. Whatever she is looking for something in return.

this is definately not a hoax

this is definately not a hoax

There is no way this girl is

There is no way this girl is faking this. She talks mentally challenged and those tremors are deffinitly real. You would be able to tell if she was faking it, and doctors have backed her up with the proof. Not fake.

THIS IS FAKE! The way the


The way the human body works..goes against this all togehter if she can run forward than she can walk forward..simple as that.
Think, to run forward you have to start out walking, try have to atleast take 1 or 2 steps walking..but if she gets spasms from 1 step she wouldnt be able to run forward..also..with alot of practice you could fake spasms espeacially someone as flexible as a cheer leader!

The voice she made is easy to do..inhail slightly when you speak and slur your words by leaveing your tounge sort of lifeless and numb.

And she is fine when she walks backwards..even her speaking..and when she runs.
Also she smiles and laughs..I bet that is the last thing you would do if this happened.

Also people ask why she would do this? Isn't it obvious.. sue the would make millions..maybe more..and the docs back it up because she is going to cut them in on it.

My friend said he read in the paper that she lost the court case too.

This is just the way I analised this.

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