Is It Time for Digg To Man Up?

Social media messiah Kevin Rose and his army of nerds over at Digg need to read this article, and this site, and man up.

Most people reading this will know what Digg is. Just A Guy Thing has achieved a considerable amount of growth due to articles reaching the front page of the behemoth social media site. It’s fair to say that we appreciate Digg and the community for allowing our site to grow at such an impressive rate. That said, Digg really needs to man up. Soon.

It was brought to our attention a while back that another guy related site, The Art Of Manliness, was struggling to gain traction on Digg after a number of successful front pages. As I write this at the moment, they have an article on Digg which has been Dugg over 50 times. The article should be on the upcoming list for it’s given category but it’s nowhere to be found.

We have also experienced this phenomenon with our last few articles receiving enough votes to be, at the very least, at the top of the upcoming list for their categories. These articles were submitted by some of the so-called power users with a high rate of success for submissions hitting the homepage. So what is the problem?

The dreaded Digg auto-bury function

It has long been rumored that the almighty Digg have an internal bury list that effectively removes any chance of a site being promoted to the home page. Once you’re on this list, no amount of Diggs, praying to God or Kevin Rose will make the article popular.

A number of other high-profile sites such as CopyBlogger have also found themselves on this list. Of course, there are ways to beat the auto-bury algorithm, but in reality is it worth the effort to game them? Brian Clark said it best in his subtly titled article, Ding Dong Digg Is Dead:

Ironically, I was buried by success. In September, my content made the Digg front page six times, with three articles making it in a single week. After that, it became obvious that Kevin Rose and his in-house nerd brigade couldn’t tolerate quality content making the Digg home page that frequently.

It’s true that all things come to an end, but the reality is that Digg is effectively censoring content based on their own opinions. Both Just A Guy Thing and The Art Of Manliness reached a much bigger audience than they normally would which, for the most part, received the content very well. Of course you’ll get the trolls complaining about how “you can’t learn to be a man by reading an article online” but both sites received many constructive comments and a great deal of subscribers as a result.

So a site that becomes popular is instantly banned, despite the fact that the banned site could in fact produce high-quality articles on a regular basis? Time to man up, Mr Rose.

Now, we’re pretty laid-back and

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What Does Your Computer Desktop Reveal About You

Careful how you organize your computer desktop – it could say a lot about yourself. A recent study into desktop psychology by Microsoft found that your personality, habits and even ambition could be revealed by examining your computer screen.

Donna Dawson, a psychologist who conducted the study, looked at a range of office workers’ desktops to find clues about the user’s personality. According to Dawson, personalities can be divided into seven categories: Generic, Specific place; Goal-orientated; Trophy; Escapist; Artistic and Sociable.

She said: “Our desktops are our personal space and as such provide a fairly accurate personality description of an individual.” For example, having lots icons on your desktop could indicate a person is disorganized and possibly insecure. People with desktop pictures displaying their past successes, meanwhile, risk revealing their egocentric side to co-workers.

Here are a few clues as to what your computer desktop might reveal about you:

  • Desktop with icons strewn across the screen – the person is disorganized and tends to lose focus easily.
  • Even icons on each side of the screen – the owner values balance and proportion and probably keeps a cool head in heated situations. This person is likely to be organized and dislike clutter.
  • Desktop with many rows of icons – reflects someone who needs to feel in control and on top of their life, but who is also slightly disorganized.
  • Personal photos as wallpaper – this indicates the kind of person you are and what priorities you have. If you are a parent you may have a photo of your kid, or if you’re an avid globetrotter you may have a photo of some exotic locale. People with photos of friends indicates their popularity, which can be useful in situations where you need good people skills.
  • Plain blue wallpaper – reveals a person who likes to keep their personal life private.
  • Trophy photos as wallpaper – suggest someone with a big ego who focuses on their past successes.

So what’s on your desktop? Does it accurately reflect your personality?

via: Daily Telegraph

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The Ultimate Office Etiquette Guide


If you’ve ever been sat at your desk, hard at work, trying to finish your report in time for that very important meeting with the Managing Director; you’ll know just how annoying it is to have the wacky office comedian come striding up to you in his Homer Simpson tie, wanting to play his new collection of stupid cell phone ringtones. Welcome to the dark and murky world of Office Etiquette.

I actually made a big etiquette faux pas at my new employer just this week. I was well-groomed, well-dressed and I was polite, pleasant and smiling as I greeted my new co-workers. But as I sat down after making myself a cup of tea, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone in the office was looking at me like I’d just murdered their cat. I’d committed a cardinal office sin: never, ever make a drink just for yourself.

So how do you know what the politics of your office are? Well, like the many different cultures and societies of other countries and continents, it varies from office to office. In England you could be hung, drawn and quartered for not making a round of tea for your colleagues. In Russia however, they’d be more upset if you forgot to slip a drop of vodka into their brew. For this very reason, we’ve created The Ultimate Office Etiquette Guide so that you never again make the mistake of taking a stapler without first asking for permission!

General Office Etiquette

While different offices have different policies, there are a few universal truths about etiquette that you need to be aware of at all times.

Ask before you borrow anything. There’s nothing worse than being branded the office thief because your stash of ‘borrowed’ rulers is discovered by the cleaning lady.

Wash your mugs after you’ve used them. If you expect the cleaners to wash up for you, you’re going to be in for a big surprise. You might find your mug covered in mold and thick, congealed milk floating around the bottom. Clean it yourself.

Any release of bodily gases is highly frowned upon. Farting may have been okay back in High School, but you won’t be taken seriously if you perform a rendition of Flight Of The Bumble Bee through your ass.

Don’t fall asleep at your desk. And if you do, make sure you’re at a desk that faces away from everyone else and you don’t snore.

Open doors for your colleagues. You won’t do yourself any favors by letting the door close on the geeky guy from I.T while he’s carrying a computer tower and monitor into the office.

Smoking and Vaping.  If you smoke cigarettes or vape e juice, it is important to be mindful of your coworkers. Both vaping and smoking should be done outside. Even if company policy allows you to vape at your desk (rare), it is always best to ask for your coworkers permission.

Colleague Relationships

It’s important to always …

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How to Tip Like a Gentleman

Ever stiffed a waiter on his tip or worse still waived it around like you were the superior man? If so, you need some tipping etiquette lessons, pronto!


Proper tipping etiquette is still a trait rarely found in modern men yet, when perfected, it can actually become quite enjoyable. It’s a selfless act of giving to others based on the level of service you’ve received. A lot of these people get a pitiful wage and the tips they get go a long way to supplement their income. Make them happy and you’ll be looked after. Annoy them and you’d be best advised to eat your meal with caution!

Tipping like a Gentleman

Tipping really is an art form and when you’re giving your tip you want to be as discrete and gentlemanly as possible. Hand over the tip with your palm facing down and shake hands with the person you are tipping, simultaneously placing the money in their hand. What you want to avoid doing is waving the money around and making a big deal of it. You’ll look like an idiot for starts and if that isn’t enough, you’re going to make the person receiving the tip feel uncomfortable because, believe it or not, you’re coming across like a condescending jerk. You’re not throwing a treat for Fido here.

So how do you figure out how much to tip? Well the truth is there are no tipping rules per se, however there are guidelines which suggest how much is appropriate to give. Let’s investigate.

The restaurant waiter/waitress

This is the one that causes most debate because there is no hard and fast rule. It is also made even more difficult by waiting staff who have lost sight of the fact that a tip is a gratuity and is not actually required. As a guideline though, I’d say you can safely use the following without a disgruntled waiter spitting in your salad:

  • Self-serve/Buffet restaurant10-12%. If the service was fantastic, you could up this to 15%.
  • Local restaurant15%. Again, you could up this by a few percent if the server worked particularly hard or went out of their way to help you.
  • A 4-star restaurant – You’ll want to tip the maitre d’ as you’re being seated, particularly if you’re a regular and he/she goes out of their way to reserve you a table or get a table when the restaurant is busy. The standard tip here is anywhere from $20-100. For the service of the meal itself I’d recommend a tip of around 20-22%. Don’t forget to tip the wine steward (a few dollars per bottle of wine) and/or the coat check attendant ($1 for a couple of coats).

Taxi driver

Unless you want to annoy the Travis Bickle-esque taxi driver by stiffing him on a tip you’d better go ahead and give 15% of the fare.

Hair salon

You want to make sure your hair looks as …

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Powerful Networking Through Business Card Etiquette

Putting aside petty business card wars, proper business card etiquette can be an extremely powerful networking tool.


Who can forget this fabulous business card exchange scene from the cult movie American Psycho, starring Christian Bale:

While modern day business card exchange is not likely to induce mass murder (unless you’re swapping cards with David Berkowitz), it can be pretty cut throat and riddled with gloating, show-offs, and one upsmanship. Putting aside petty business card wars, proper business card etiquette can be an extremely powerful networking tool.

The Basics Of Business Card Etiquette

Before you go flinging about your business cards like they’re going out of fashion – try to observe the following basics of giving and receiving business cards:

  • Make sure you always have enough business cards. The amount of men who don’t carry business cards or run out when networking at a function is laughable. You’ve just been given a card by the MD of a very big corporation and lo and behold, when you come to hand yours over – you have none left. Contact gone.
  • If you’re traveling to another country, get one side of your business translated into the appropriate language. There’s no point handing your card over to a Japanese Marketing Director if he doesn’t speak English.
  • Bit of a no-brainer this one, but always hand the card over so that the recipients language is face up.
  • After receiving a business card, don’t just stick it in your wallet. Take some time to study it and make the person feel important.
  • Hand business cards out to everyone and anyone. I hate men that hoard their business cards. Keeping a load of cards in your wallet may make you feel important but that’s not going to get you a referral is it?

With the basics covered, let’s look at how business cards can provide powerful networking skills.

How to use business cards for powerful networking purposes

By following the basics, you can ensure that a business card exchange goes smoothly. Once you have a number of cards from various contacts you need to be able to use them appropriately, not to mention ensuring that your business cards provide value to your prospects.

Organize your business cards for effective contact management

You’ll need to find a way of keeping your contacts in an uncluttered format so that they are easily accessible and can be found quickly if needed. Old school traditionalists will stick to their trusty business card Rolodex, while more tech-savvy chaps will store them in a file on their laptop. If you’re a super-nerd you’ll probably want to buy a Samsung G600 which can store business card information by simply taking a photo of the card with the 5MP camera.

Once you’ve got your choice of system in place, it’s a good idea to write on the back of the cards a few notes so you remember the person who gave it to you. When making contact with them later, the fact …

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