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Beer Bottle Chandeliers Will Dress Up Any Frat House


If you live in a fraternity house you inevitably have an array of empty beer bottles strewn around the place from parties past. Now the folks at Barlite have finally come up with a use for all those empties - beer bottle chandeliers!

Yes, now you can buy a chandelier that holds your empty beer bottles. Change out the bottles and you have a whole new look. The frame is constructed of 11-gauge steel and solid steel rods.

The classic two tier pool top chandelier holds 52 beer bottles - just about the right amount for after a get together:


They also have a nifty beer bottle standing lamp:


If you don't live in a frat, then you probably don't have a valid excuse for buying these products. While these are fun in a kind of sophomoric way, a beer bottle chandelier does not exactly scream "sophistication" to the ladies.

Check out the beer bottle chandeliers at Tabbyinc.

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I have a bar down in our

I have a bar down in our basement, one of these chandeliers would look great over it.

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