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Bad Golfers, Meet The RadarGolf Ball Location System


If you're a really bad golfer, we can't help you improve your game, but we do have the device to find your ball every time to shank it into the woods. Introducing the RadarGolf location system that uses Ball Positioning System (BPS - get it?) technology to locate your long lost golf ball.

For the system to work you need to use the special RadarGolf balls that have a tiny transmitter chip embedded in them. According to the manufacturer, the balls meet the USGA specs for size, weight, and everything else.

When you drive your ball into no-mans land, you whip out the handy receiver and use the LCD display and audible tones to track down your wayward ball.

Unfortunately, the system will detect all the RadarGolf balls in the area, even the ones in your pocket. So you have to use the special 'Shield-It' pouch that contains a metallic fabric to block the RF signals to store your balls.

The RadarGolf start kit costs $199.85 at GadgetGrid.

[via Oh Gizmo]

So as long as you have all of

So as long as you have all of the equipment and don't hit it too badly you're good. Useful piece of equipment.

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