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Australian Women's Boobs Getting Bigger


If you're a guy who likes big boobs then this might be the time to consider moving to Australia. Breast sizes for Aussie women have been getting bigger over the years - so much so that over 40% wear a bra with cup size DD or bigger. Wow.

Back in the 1950s, the most common bra-cup size was a B - a full three sizes smaller than a DD. Aussie boobs are getting so big that some lingerie companies have started to introduce cup sizes as large as K. That's K as in "kapow"!

What's causing the cleavage boost? Experts point to a higher rate of obesity, contraceptive pills, and artificial hormones. In particular, estrogen is now found in foods, plastics and cosmetics, which causes the growth of breast tissue.

A related issue is that big breasts can make it harder for women to exercise, making it more difficult to lose weight and further increasing breast size.

So guys, start booking your tickets to down under where the bra cup runneth over.

photo credit: sirmightymac

[...] to Just A Guy Thing, it

[...] to Just A Guy Thing, it is time for all mean to move to Australia ASAP.? Check it [...]

[...] Time to move Down

[...] Time to move Down Under: Australian Women?s Boobs Getting Bigger [...]

LOL! I'm Australian and think

LOL! I'm Australian and think the endorsement for the tourism industry based on the size of our boobs is awesome!! Yes, everyone should book their tickets now to come to our great country while it's still beach weather..

[...] V?a | Just a Guy Thing

[...] V?a | Just a Guy Thing [...]

Sadly it's not true. I have

Sadly it's not true. I have spent a lot of time Down Under. While the women are indeed very nice there aren't more Big Boobs than you will see anyplace else. Most at Manly and Bondi are just average. The Oz Exports to Seattle whom I know are Big Busted, but that doesn't mean everybody is.

This study was talking about

This study was talking about averages across the entire population. I would imagine it would be hard to, err, size-up the entire female population of a country by walking around.

[...] Os seios das

[...] Os seios das australianas estão aumentando [...]

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